Christopher Rushbrooke Associates Ltd


The world of custom installation is complex and ever-changing. There is a vast range of products available, and almost as many ways of connecting them together and defining how they work. Developments in telecom technology such as the Internet, broadband and wireless connectivity have further muddied the waters.

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary for you to be aware of every detail of every option in order to get the best results. If you have specific ideas about your installation or a definite wish to use (or avoid) a certain type of kit, we’ll obviously be happy to accommodate this. If not, then you can rely on us to help cut through the gobbledygook on your behalf. Our experience is not only in the detail of what we specify and install, but also in how we help you decide what’s best for you. Plain, jargon-free language and honest, informed advice are as much our stock in trade as the creation of technological magic. Nor do we work in a vacuum. We’re constantly exchanging knowledge and ideas with our industry partners to ensure we both influence and keep abreast of technological developments. This helps us to arrive at innovative solutions for our clients.

At Christopher Rushbrooke we can:

  • provide consultancy, system design, procurement and installation.
  • design, specify, oversee and test the cabling.
  • identify, source and supply the best combination of equipment and carry out installation.
  • enable you to speak to a human being in our technical department during working hours.
  • arrange periodic visits to monitor system performance after installation and apprise clients of relevant upgrades.
  • supply and install all the main proprietary systems on the market.